House Church Books I Would Like To Read

On my blog I have posted lists of books that I would like to have and read. And, I would like to review them as well. The books have fallen under the headings of “missional” and “reformed.” You can see those lists by clicking onto the “Books” category in the lower right-hand side-bar column on this page.

Today, I would like to share the titles of several books that pertain to simple church, house church networks, and leadership development that I would like to have.

The first book is House Church Networks: A Church for a New Generation by Larry Kreider. Larry was the founding pastor of Dove Christian Fellowship, originally a cell church. At some point Dove Fellowship transitioned into a house church network.  In the late 1990s I read Larry’s House To House that tells the story of the start of Dove Fellowship. Good book. I would also like to read his Starting a House Church, co-authored with Floyd McClung (formerly of Youth With A Mission – YWAM).

In 2004 I read The Present Future: Six Tough Question for the Church by Reggie McNeal (great book). I would like to read his newest offering, Missional Renaissance: Changing the Scorecard for the Church, a book that addresses organic leadership, among many other relevant topics that are on the table for discussion among church leaders and church planters today.

Rad Zdero, a house church leader in Canada, wrote a book that I read a couple of years ago entitled, The Global House Church Movement.  I would like to read Nexus – The World House Church Movement Reader, a book that he has edited and is described as possibly the “most in-depth book on the house church movement” to date.

Organic Church: Growing Faith Where it Happens, by Neil Cole, was a great influence on my thinking about house, or simple, churches and organic church multiplication. That is one reason that I’d like to have and read his newest volume, Organic Leadership – Leading Naturally Right Where You Are.

So, these are the books that pertain to house, or simple, churches, networks, and leadership development that comprise my current wish list.

If you have read any one of them and would like to make a comment on it on my blog, please feel free to do so. Also, if you have an extra copy of any the titles above that you’d like to pass on, please let me know. I’d be blessed.

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2 Comments on “House Church Books I Would Like To Read”

  1. traviskolder Says:


    I’ve read House Church Networks by Krieder. It’s a good book, but if you’ve done quite a bit of study on simple churches, it’s a little thin on content. I think the idea is to be sort of a primer on the phenomenon. I think the biggest contribution the book makes is Krieder’s understanding of how networks fit in with other types of churches in a region, thus creating a truly regional church.

    I haven’t read Organic Leadership, but like you I was really stunned with Organic Church. I would sincerely recommend Search & Rescue, another book by Neil, especially if you’re into evangelism, discipleship, and church planting (which it seems you are). Let me know what you think about Organic Leadership if you end up reading it!


  2. tangiblethoughts Says:


    Thank you for your insight into House Church Networks and recommendation of Search & Rescue.

    Blessings to you.


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