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Discipleship Multiplication Training: Day 4

August 11, 2012

Thursday was the concluding day of the Discipleship Multiplication Training event. The DMT week was a wonderful time of teaching, encouragement, and inspiration … a time of prayer, worship, and connection with people who have a passion and vision for Church Planting Movements in their communities and around the world. Below are several quotes from Day 4.

“In every Mustard Seed Movement there is a movement of prayer.”

“Lord, what will it take to see Your Kingdom come so that no place is left without Your witness?”

“Give new believers two values: Value the Authority of the Word of God and Obey the Word of God.”

“We must move from a church paradigm to a Kingdom paradigm.”


Discipleship Multiplication Training: Day 1

August 7, 2012

Today was the first day of a four day discipleship multiplication training in T4T – Training for Trainers. The training event is being conducted in Houston, Texas and facilitated by Steve Smith and Ying Kai.  Both taught today as did Jeff Sundell from North Carolina. These men have been used of the Lord in the rapid multiplication of disciples and churches in places such as East Asia, Nepal, and Southeast Asia.

There was a tremendous amount of information communicated today and I won’t even try to document everything. But, there were a few quotes that I took down that I thought I’d share with you this evening.


“The closer I draw to God, the closer I draw to His purposes.”

“We must elevate the King to His rightful place. When we do we will live in greater faith.”

“Don’t try to convict people of their sins; rather, look for those in whom the Lord is already working.”

DMT – Discipleship Multiplication Training: Ignite A Movement

July 17, 2012

I have known about the T4T-Training for Trainers material for a number of years. I have been through the six sessions, and like many of you, have read the T4T book co-authored by Steve Smith and Ying Kai.

Next month, August 6-9, I will participate in a four-day intensive T4T training event. The event is called Discipleship Multiplication Training (DMT).  The sub-title of the event is “igniting discipleship movements locally and globally.”

The DMT will be conducted in Houston, Texas and is a ministry of Greater Europe Mission. The Houston training is one of three events GEM will be conducting over the next couple of months. The other two are in Denver, Colorado and Prague, Czech Republic. Smith and Kai will facilitate the training.

This training comes at a very strategic point in our personal ministry. In September, I will begin facilitating a T4T group at our local church as a part of the church’s small group ministry. I have shared with people that the sessions will be an excellent discipleship time for old and new believers alike, but the emphasis of the material, and mine, will be evangelism, the multiplication of disciples, and the formation of new CPM church-type small groups. Once the six sessions of T4T have been completed, the groups are intended to continue as a group that worships together, evangelizes and disciples people, forms new groups, develops leaders, and repeats the process.

The DMT will also be a great equipping event as we have a vision for a Church Planting  Movement on the campus of our local university, Texas A&M. A&M is the nation’s seventh largest public university with a student enrollment of over 50,000 young men and women.

For more information about GEM’s Discipleship Multiplication Training events, check out their DMT pages here.