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Am I Desperate?

August 9, 2012

We had a wonderful time of worship and prayer this evening at WoodsEdge Community Church in The Woodlands. WoodsEdge has hosted the Discipleship Multiplication Training event that I have been attending this week.

The Lord has used the teaching, new friendships, and conversations this week to teach me about evangelism, discipleship, and church planting.

He has also used this week to convict me about the lack of prayer in my life.

Am I desperate for God in my life, in my family, in my ministry? 

LORD, I’m desperate for You.



June 14, 2012

Texas A&M University 2011 fall enrollment: 49,861 + 4,750 international students from 126 nations of the world.

WIGTake to reach them for Christ?

Help Me Read

July 9, 2011

Whether you are visiting my blog, tangiblethoughts, on purpose, or you are surfing the net and have stopped here just to check me out, may I ask you to do something for me?

May I ask you to scroll down on this page until you come to the category “Books” in the right-hand column? There you will find two links. One is to Monergism Books, the other is to WTS Books. When you click on them you will be taken to the on-line book stores of and Westminster Theological Seminary. At each of the stores you will find excellent conservative and Reformed books and resource material for your head and heart.

Each time you click onto the stores from my blog site I receive credit for your visit. When I have earned enough credits, I receive a purchase certificate which enables me to purchase books for my head and heart.

So, linger here a moment longer … scroll down and click  … and peruse the sites.

Thank you for your great help.

Emptiness To Fulness

April 15, 2011

Emptiness to Fulness

Take your emptiness to His fulness. There is an infinite supply with Him for everything you need, at the moment you need it.”


(Robert Murray M’Cheyne, 1813-1843, Scottish Pastor, from the sermon, “The Cry for Revival”)

To Meet Such Company

April 12, 2011

To Meet Such Company

 “February 23. Sabbath. Rose early to seek God, and found Him whom my soul loveth. Who would not rise early to meet such company?”


(Robert Murray M’Cheyne, Scottish pastor, diary entry, 1831)

John MacArthur, Jr. Resources

March 26, 2011

John MacArthur, Jr. is a well-known conservative pastor, teacher, and Christian educator. He has inspired and influenced many Christians and church leaders through his preaching, the books he has written, and the teaching materials that he has produced.

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s I read many of MacArthur’s books and listened to many of his teaching tapes. I have benefitted from them all.

Today, those books and teaching tapes occupy space on my book-shelves at home. While they make excellecent reference material, I do not read the books or listen to the tapes very often.

I would therefore like to make my MacArthur collection available for sale to any who may desire sound, biblical writings, and teaching tapes on a variety of subjects.

Below are lists of the books and tapes that I have for sale. The hardback books are $7.50 each and the paperbacks are $5.00. The tape set prices vary depending on the number of tapes in each set. (Multiply the number of tapes in a set by $2.oo and that will be the price of the set.)

If you are interested in any or all of these resources, please leave a comment on this post and I will reply to you.


  • Ashamed Of The Gospel – When The Church Becomes Like The World
  • Forgiveness – The Freedom And Power of Forgiveness
  • Our Sufficiency In Christ – Three Deadly Influences That Undermine Your Spiritual Life
  • Rediscovering Expository Preaching – Balancing The Science And Art Of Biblical Exposition
  • Rediscovering Pastoral Ministry – Shaping Contemporary Ministry With Bibleical Mandates
  • The Master’s Plan For The Church
  • The Murder Of Jesus
  • The Glory of Heaven – The Truth About Heaven, Angels And Eternal Life
  • The Second Coming – Signs of Christ’s Return and the End of the Age


  • Alone With God- The Power and Passion of Prayer
  • Charismatic Chaos
  • Different By Design – Discovering God’s Will for Today’s Mand and Woman
  • God in the Manger – The Miraculous Birth of Christ
  • How to Survive in a World of Unbelievers – Jesus’ Words of Encouragement of the Night before His Death
  • In The Footsteps Of Faith – Lessons From The Lives Of Great Men And Women Of The Bible
  • Nothing But The Truth – Upholding the Gospel in a Doubting Age
  • Reckless Faith – When The Church Loses Its Will To Discern
  • Shepherdology – A Master PLan for Church Leadership
  • The Gospel According To Jesus – What Does Jesus Mean When He Says, “Follow Me”? (1988)
  • The Love Of God – He Will Do Whatever It Takes to Make Us Holy
  • The Pillars Of Christian Character – The Essential Attitudes Of A Living Faith
  • The Power Of Integrity – Building a Life Without Compromise
  • The Power Of Suffering – Strengthening Your Faith in the Refiner’s Fire
  • The Silent Shepherd – The Care, Comfort, And, Correction Of The Holy Spirit
  • The Ultimate Priority – On Worship
  • The Vanishing Conscience – Drawing The Line IN A No-Fault, Guilt- WorldFree
  • True Worhsip (Bible Study)
  • Why Government Can’t Save You – An Alternative to Political Activism

Teaching Tapes

  • Marks Of A Healthy Church – Selected Scriptures (8-tape set)
  • Members Guide To Growing A Stronger Church – I Thessalonians 5:12-22 (11-tape set)
  • Qualities of an Excellent Servant – I Timothy 4 (6-tape set)
  • The Sufficiency of Scripture (2- tape set)
  • The Transforming Power Of Scripture – II Timothy 3:15-17 (4-tape set)
  • Unashamed – II Timothy (4-tape set)

Ministry Update

December 20, 2010
Praying Friends,
First of all, my family and I want to wish you and yours a very Blessed Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. We pray that you will have a safe and enjoyable time with family, loved ones, and friends.
Secondly, I would like to give you brief update on our application to the missions organization in Dallas that we wrote to you about in late October.
We did not hear from the organization until late November. The reason was that most of the human resources department had been in the Philippines on a lengthy mission trip. When I spoke to the HR representative she said that our material had been reviewed and that it looked like we had been very thorough with our answers and written responses. I was told that we would receive a contact from someone in the department and would be invited to an interview with the HR team.
Last week, we had contact with a gentleman in the HR department regarding an interview date and time. My wife  and I will travel to Dallas the first week of January to meet with representatives from the team.
We would ask you to please continue praying for us as we continue to prayerfully seek the Lord’s perfect will and leadership regarding ministry among the “nations.” 
We appreciate you and your prayers.
 I would also like to share a few praises from this fall semester’s ministry with international students at A&M.
  • Our Saturday night pot-luck meal and Bible study with Mainland Chinese students, which started meeting in August 2009, continued meeting for food, fellowship, and the reading and study of God’s Word. This small group relates to a local Mandarin congregation.
  • The Lord opened a door for us to re-engage in ministry with a local Korean congregation. At the invitation of an elder at the church, we started a Thursday night Bible study that was attended by two Korean families and two single Mainland Chinese students. I will be preaching at the church on Sunday, January 2.
  • Two of the young people who have participated in the Saturday night group – one for three semesters and the other for one – were among eleven (11) people who were baptized as a declaration of their faith in Christ at a local language congregation in October.
  • One of the men who has been attending the Saturday night study for three semesters, and made a profession of faith and was baptized last spring, made a request of me several days before he returned to his home country for Christmas. He expressed his desire to meet with me twice a week next semester, in addition to our Saturday night group, for times of one-on-one Bible study and discussion. I was very excited to hear of his desire for more time in the Word and discipleship. Please pray for “Peter” and our time together.
We are very thankful to the Lord for all that He is doing in the lives of the students that we have the opportunity to know and relate to in ministry. We are also thankful that the Lord has given us a wonderful relationship with the two language congregations mentioned above. We pray that the Lord would allow us more time each week to devote to ministry to the “nations”  who have come to Texas A&M to pursue their academic and professional careers.
Again, thank you so much for your friendship, encouragement, and prayers.
Merry Christmas,
Matthew 24:14; Revelation 7:9