Furniture Giveaway @ TAMU

One of the great needs that new international students have when they arrive in the United States to begin their academic career here is housing. After a student has secured an apartment or house, and usually roommates with it, the next item on their agenda is filling that new residence with items necessary for daily living. Those basics include a bed, a desk and chair, a kitchen table and a few chairs, and kitchen items such as pots and pans, dishes, glasses and cooking and eating utensils.

Setting up a new household can be a formidable task as one is getting settled into a new environment and culture, all the while trying to get ready for the start of a new school semester.

One of the ways that many American churches help meet the basic housing and household goods needs of students is to collect and then give away, for free, furniture and other items to students. This is a very simple and basic way to minister to students, scholars and researchers who come from the “nations” of the world to pursue their academic careers in our communities.

As these needs are being met, relationships between students and church volunteers are established, relationships which can then be followed up on and nurtured. These relationships invariably give a believer the opportunity to share Christ with someone who may never have heard His Name.

Such a giveaway will be conducted this Saturday, August 2oth, in College Station, Texas, home of  Texas A&M University. The giveaway will take place at Grace Bible Church, 700 Anderson Street, from 7am to 1pm.

If you are a new international student at A&M, and are in need of furniture and other household goods and items for your new residence, please join us on Saturday for the giveaway. Be sure to arrive early at the facilities of Grace Bible Church. Demand for such items is great and the lines will be long.

Volunteers with trucks, trailers, and vans will be available to help you get your selected items back to your apartment or house.

If you need additional information about the giveaway, please give the church office a call at 1.979.693.2911.

Happy shopping!

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2 Comments on “Furniture Giveaway @ TAMU”

  1. Do you work with international students at Texas A&M? If so, we have a Chinese student coming there in August.

    • tangiblethoughts Says:

      Yes, my family and I have been involved with international students – primarily Mainland Chinese and South Korean – since 1997. Our ministry is home-based but we relate to two language congregations in town. We conduct Bible studies that use simple English language versions of the Bibe, pot-luck meals, and cross-cultural activities. The Bible studies help students with their English conversation skills while introducing people to the Bible and Jesus Christ. We would be blessed to connect with and serve your student friend. There are many Chinese students enrolled at A&M; most are PhD students. Your friend will really enjoy living here.

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