GOD BIG, World Small

Yesterday morning, I received an email from a new international student who has recently arrived in Bryan-College Station, Texas to begin his studies at Texas A&M University. This man is from East Asia and will be working on his PhD degree.

The student, “Eddie,” had been given my name and information by a mutual friend, “Daniel,” in East Asia. I have learned frommission_insert_globe1 “Daniel” since I received “Eddie’s” email that the two men “happened” to meet in the summer of 2010 while “Eddie” was on a school-related trip to “Daniel’s” city. How they met, I do not know, but the two men spent about an hour visiting with one another. “Eddie” and “Daniel” exchanged email addresses and have maintained communiciation with one another since they met.

This summer “Eddie” informed “Daniel” that he would soon move to America and begin his graduate studies at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. My friend shared with “Eddie” that he had a friend (that would be me) who lived in the city where Texas A&M is located and asked “Eddie” if he would like to be connected with me. The student said yes and my contact information was given to him.

Besides the amazing fact that “Eddie” and “Daniel” just “happened” to meet in a city of millions, and that “Eddie” and I have been introduced to one another, is the fact that “Daniel” and I have never met face-to-face. I “met” “Daniel” in 2001 when I heard about him and his wife and their work among a particular people group that I had long been burdened for. I was able to contact him by email and subsequently began receiving his monthly ministry updates. “Daniel” and I have become friends over the years as we have exchanged emails and shared prayer requests for ministry, health, and life matters with one another.

Now, years later, the Lord is using a relationship that He established twelve years ago and a God-orchestrated encounter between two men in an Asian city to give my family and me the opportunity to minister the love of Christ to an East Asian PhD student.

How sovereign of God is that?

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