Decrees Reflect His Nature

Decrees Reflect His Nature

Thomas Boston, the 17th Century Scottish Puritan, wrote at least three essays on the decrees of the Lord. In his essay, “The Purpose of God’s Decrees,” Boston wrote that all of the Lord’s decrees are intended for His glory.

In a second essay, “The Properties Of God’s Decrees Expained,”  the author lists and writes about six properties that characterize the decrees of the LORD.

As I read this short essay I was reminded that the Word, decrees, and will of the LORD are a very clear and direct reflection of the very nature of Who He is.

Thomas Boston writes that the decrees of the LORD are:


“God makes no decress in time, but they are all from eternity. ,,, If the divine decress were not eternal, God would not be the most perfect and unchangeable.”

Most Wise

“God cannot properly deliberate or take counsel, as men do; for he sees all things together and at once. And this his decress are made with perfect juddment, and laid in the depth of wisdom, Rom.11:33 ….”

Most Free

” … according to the counsel of his own will; depending on no other, but all flowing from the mere pleasure of his own will, Rom. 11:34 …. He has made no decress suspended on any condition outside of himself.”


“They are the unalterable laws of heaven. God’s decrees are constant; and he by no means alters his purpose as men do.”

Most Holy and Pure

“For as the sun darts its beams upon a dunghill, and yet is no way defiled by it; so God decrees the permission of sin, yet is not the author of sin.”


” … whatsoever God decrees, comes to pass infallibly, Isa. 46:10 ….”

If the decrees of the LORD are characterized by the above properties, as Thomas Boston defines them, which I believe they are, how should we respond to the Word and decrees of the LORD and to the LORD Himself?

Let us yield to His will and His way, for His glory, in our daily lives and pursuits.


You can read my post on Thomas Boston’s first essay on the purpose of the decress of the LORD here.

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