Decreed For His Glory

Decreed For His Glory

Thomas Boston (1676-1732) was a Scottish Puritan and pastor. In addition to being a preacher of the Word of God, he was an author, writing notable books such as Human Nature in its Fourfold State, The Art of Manfishing – A Puritan’s View of Evangelism, and The Crook in the Lot and numerous essays.

Among Boston’s essays, three were written about the decrees of God.

In “The Purpose of God’s Decrees,” Boston writes that the purpose of all of the Lord’s decrees is to bring Him glory.

“And this is no other than his own glory. Every rational agent acts for an end; and God being the most perfect agent, and his own glory the highest end, there can be no doubt but all his decrees are directed to that end. Rom.11:36, “For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to whom be glory forever.” “that we … should be to the praise of His glory,” Eph.1:12. In all he aims at his glory; and seeing he aims at it, he gets it even from the most sinful actions he has decreed to permit. Either the glory of his mercy or of his justice is drawn from them. Infinite wisdom directs all to the intended end.”

In this essay, Boston writes that God is glorified through four particulars.

He is glorified:

In the Creation of the World

 “For He made the vast universe without the concurrence of any material cause; he brought it forth from the womb of nothing by an act of his efficacious will. … All the creatures have some prints of God stamped upon them, whereby they proudly proclaim and show to the world his wisdom and goodness in framing them.”

In the Creation of Men and Angels

“The glory of God was his chief purpose and design in making men and angels. The rest of the creature glorified God in a passive way, as they are evidences and manifestations of his infinite wisdom, goodness, and power. But his higher rank of beings are endowed with rational faculties, and so are capable to glorify God actively.”

In Election and Predestination

“The glory of his goodness shines likewise here, in making choice of any, when all most justly deserved to be rejected. And his mercy shines here with an beautiful lustre, in receiving and admitting all who believe in Jesus  into his favour.”

In the Work of Redemption

 “In our redemption by Christ, we have the fullest, clearest, and most delightful manifestation of the glory of God that ever was or shall be in this life. … in the work of redemption all his perfections and excellencies shine forth in their greatest glory.”

“Who is this King of glory? The LORD of hosts, He is the King of glory.”

Psalm 24:10


To read “The Purpose of God’s Decrees” in its entirety, click here.

I will post on Boston’s second and third essays on the decrees of God, “The Properties of God’s Decrees Explained” and “Important Lessons Drawn from the Decrees of God” within the next several days.

For a short biography of Thomas Boston and links to many of his sermons see here.


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