Click, Earn, and Read

I have always enjoyed reading. While there is much good reading available on-line that can be read while sitting at the computer (no, I don’t have a Kindle reader or iPhone and apps!), or downloaded and printed out (which I do quite-a-lot), I love books.

Books can be rather expensive, though,  and that fact determines how many and how often I can purchase them.

Fortunately, I have found two ways to earn reading material. Those ways are the on-line “blog partners” programs of  Westminster Theological Seminary Books and Monergism Books.

  Westminster BookStore

Monergism Books

A blogger, like me, can link to either book store or their books that I may write about or mention in posts, and whenever someone, like you, clicks on that link to visit the store or take a look at the book, I earn points. When I have earned enough points, I can then “purchase” books from the book store. Pretty good deal.

There are many books that I would like to read, so I am trying to get a start on earning points. That’s why I’m writing this post.

May I ask you to begin helping me earn points with the Westminster and Monergism on-line book stores?  There are three ways that you can do that.

The first way is to either click on the links found below the Westminster and Monergism Bookstore logos above or on the store names under the “Books” heading to the right.You will be taken to the book stores where you can peruse their books and other material.

The second way is to click on the link to any book that you may come across as you have the opportunity to scan through my posts. The link, of course, will take you to that particular book at either WTS Books or Monergism Books.

And, the third way is, if you are purpose-drive, to click on the “Books” category in the right-hand column of my blog and scan through all of my posts that mention books. Most of them up to this point will be linked to the WTS on-line book store.

Thank you for helping me read and fill my head and heart with good Reformed and Puritan material

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