Two Branches

I am continuing to read through The Godly Man’s Picture by Thomas Watson, the 17th Century English Puritan.

In the sixth section of Chapter 4, the chapter that addresses 18 marks of a godly man, Watson discusses the “two branches” of a godly man. The section is entitled “A Godly Man Is A Servant Of God, Not A Servant Of Man.”

Here are three quotes from Watson’s writing on the branch, “A Godly Man Is A Servant Of God,” that stood out to me.

The first is from the heading, “A servant is satisfied with his master’s allowance.”

“When Christians complain at their condition, they forget that they are servants, and must live on the allowance of their heavenly Master. You who have the least bit from God will die in his debt.”

Watson writes that there are six privileges that come to a man who serves God. Under the heading of the second privilege, “honour,” he says,

“Every servant of God is a son, every subject is a prince. It is more honour to serve God that to have kings serve us.”

The third quote from this section that I would share with you is found under the heading, “We are engaged to serve God.” After making reference to I Corinthians 6:20,“For you have been bought with a price, therefore glorify God in your body”, Watson writes:

” … Christ ransomed us with a price, not of money, but of blood. Therefore we are to be only at his service. If any lay a better claim to us than Christ, we may serve them; but Christ having the best right to us, we are to cleave to him and enrol ourselves  for ever in his service.”

As we reflect on all that God, by His grace, has done for each of us in the Person of His Son, Jesus Christ, for the forgiveness of sins for all who believe, may we commit ourselves to pursue godly and holy lives that bring glory and honor to Him.

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One Comment on “Two Branches”

  1. Dale Turenne Says:

    I like that you said we need to reflect on what God has done for us so then we must commit ourselves to pursue godly and holy lives that glorify Him.

    I started studying the book of James and this is what i got on being a servant of God. Link below

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