The Godly Man’s Picture

I have recently started reading the book, The Godly Man’s Picture. The book was written by Thomas Watson (1620-1686), an English pastor, theologian, and “nonconformist” to the Church of England. The book was originally published in 1666 and is considered by many to be a Puritan classic.

There are two reasons I have begun reading The Godly Man’s Picture. The first is that I want to become better acquainted with the Puritan age, Puritan pastors and theologians, and Puritan sermons and writings. I believe that reading Thomas Watson is a good place to begin. After all, Charles H. Spurgeon thought very highly of Watson.

The second reason that I am reading the book is because I believe the Lord will use it in my life as I seek to be a more godly man, husband, and father.

I intend to read a portion of Watson’s book each morning as a part of my daily devotion. As I read I will post quotes that strike my attention and stir my heart. Posts may or may not include commentary and reflection.

I read Watson’s introduction to the book and the first chapter this morning. Following are several quotes that the Lord drew my attention to and that I thought about throughout the day.


“What a rare thing godliness is.” (p.7)

“Christian, aspire after piety; it is a lawful ambition. Look at the saints’ characteristics here, and never leave off till you have got them stamped upon your own soul.” (p.9)

 ” … true happiness consists; not in beauty, honour, riches (the world’s trinity), but in the forgiveness of sin.” (p.9)

” … pardon does not arise from anything inherent in us, but is the pure result of free grace (charis).” (p.9)

“Pardon of sin is a fine thread, spun out of the heart of free grace.” (p.9)


To read a short biographical sketch of Thomas Watson and Charles H Spurgeon’s “Brief Memoir of Thomas Watson,” read here.

(Note: The characteristics that Watson refers to in the second quote are those that he writes about in his book.)

You can view The Godly Man’s Picture here.


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