Sacred Leaven

In today’s reading from The Godly Man’s PictureThomas Watson expounds on the nature of godliness and answers the question, “What is godliness?”

He says that godliness is:

I. A Real Thing

“Godliness is a ray and beam that shines from God. If God is true, then godliness is true.”

II. An Intrinsic Thing

“It lies chiefly in the heart.”

III. A Supernatural Thing

“A man has no more power to change himself than to create himself.”

IV. An Extensive Thing

“It is a sacred leaven that spreads itself into the whole soul … There is light in the understanding, order in the affections, pliableness in the will, exemplariness in the life.”

V. An Intensive Thing

“It does not lie in a dead formality and indifference, but is vigorous and flaming …. “

VI. A Glorious Thing

“Godliness is glory in the seed, and glory is godliness in the flower.”

VII. A Permanent Thing

“A blush of goldliness is not enough to distinguish a Christian, but godliness must be the temper and compexion of the soul.”


Today’s reading was from the chapter, “Expounding the Nature of Godliness,” pages 12-14.

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