“Christ’s Name Beautiful”

“Christ’s Name Beautiful”

I have recently read Thomas Boston’s sermon entitled “Christ’s Name Beautiful.” In it, the 17th Century Scottish pastor and preacher speaks of the “excellencies” that are found in Christ and in His Name. It is a beautiful message and I would share three quotes from the sermon with you.


“Whosoever truly discerns what Christ is cannot choose but to love Him above all persons and things, and choose Him for their portion being offered to them. His matchless excellencies make Him such a lovely one that the discovery of them commands the surrender of the heart to Him and captivates the affections. It sinks the value of all created things in competition with Him and enthrones Him in the heart.”

“If we look to … the martyrs parting with their lives, embracing fires, gibbets, and the most cruel deaths for Christ, we will cease to wonder at their doing so when we consider what a wonderful One He is for who they undergo the loss of all.”

“Dwell in the contemplation of His matchless excellencies. Let it be the substance of your religion to love Him, to admire Him, to be swallowed up in His love. And let love to Him set your souls moving in all holy obedience.”


(Thomas Boston, 1676-1732, was a Scottish pastor and preacher.)

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