Gimme The Combo Meal

This past Saturday we had a special small group event at our house. Let me explain.

During the course of each week I have the opportunity to facilitate two international student Bible reading and discussion groups.

One group has been meeting on Thursday nights. It has consisted of two Korean families and two Mainland Chinese PhD students. This group has been meeting for one semester.

The second small group has been meeting on Saturday evenings for one-and-one-half years and is attended by Mainland Chinese students. Attendance has consistently averaged five but individuals attending change with each semester.

Because the two Korean families from the Thursday night small group were returning to Korea on Monday of this week (the 6th), we decided to combine the two groups and have a pot-luck meal and farewell fellowship to say good-bye to them.

What is cool is that no one from the Thursday night Bible knew anyone in the Saturday group, and no one in the Saturday small group knew anyone from the Thursday study. Introductions were made as people arrived, conversation ensued, and friendships were made.

It was a great evening. We had delicious food, sang some Christmas hymns (accompanied by E-J on the piano), and had a brief devotion on the birth of Jesus Christ, His life, and His death on the Cross for the forgiveness of our sins. The kids even had time to play Wii while several of the moms and dads played a game that helps improve English word acquisition.

Friendships that are made with students are wonderful and departures are always sad, but we were blessed to know and have time to study the Bible with the families who returned home Monday. Our prayer is that our time in the Word of God together was used of the Lord to build our relationship with Him and better equip us for Gospel service in His Name.

Our small groups will continue to meet on Thursday and Saturday nights. We pray that the Lord will continue to bring students to these times of fellowship, Bible reading, study, and discussion, and that many will receive Christ as their Savior and be discipled to be disciple-makers.

~ reach students … disciple the “nations” ~

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