The “Sentness” of the Church

AND is a book about how the church should, can, and must balance its ministries of gathering the saints and scattering them into the world if it is going to be effectively used of the Lord in and for the expansion of His Kingdom on this earth.

The authors of the book, Hugh Halter and Matt Smay, co-pastors of Adullam church in Denver, begin the book with a chapter entitled “The Beautifully Sent Church.” In this chapter they trace the  “Missio Dei,” the mission of God in this world, using Scripture and examples from the lives of Abraham, Isaiah, Christ Himself and the Apostle Peter.

When we hear of and speak of the “Missio Dei” today, we speak of the fact that as God sent His Son, and as the Father and the Son sent the Spirit, so the Triune God sends us, individually and corporately as the Church, into the world with the Gospel message of His love, grace, and salvation.

Halter and Smay, in their conclusion to this chapter, write that people in our churches are ” … weary of church services, sermons, in-house programs, and Bible studies that never push them out and challenge them to really be the missional people God has called them to be.” (p.48)

So, if  we wonder if there isn’t more to the Christian life and church as we know it, we must

” … settle this issue of why the church exists. God’s church is a missional church, a community that is sent and given away for God’s purposes.”

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