AND Is About Balance

As noted in my August 14 post on AND – The Gathered AND Scattered Church by Hugh Halter and Matt Smay, today I am beginning a series of posts of quotes from and comments on the book.

This first quote is from the Introduction. In it Hugh and Matt give a pretty succinct over-view of what this book on missional-incarnational ministry is all about.

“It’s time for us to stop asking the same old questions about how to do church, and instead ask what every church must be doing to honor God’s biblical mandate. We’d like ot introduce you the subtle power of the AND.

The power of the AND is seen in churches of all sizes where:

  • there is a balance between gathering a community together AND scattering them into the world
  • the right things are centralized AND the right things can be decentralized
  • resources of people and money find a blessed balance between maintenance AND mission, survival AND sending, tradition AND innovation
  • fans are turned into followers, disciples are made into apprentices, AND consumers become missionaries
  • leaders influence according to the design of God instead of the whims of people or the pride associated with production
  • old skills still matter AND new habits of mission take center stage
  • you can have huge vision for thousands of people AND live life in deep community and communal witness
  • your church learns to live a fluid organic Christianity AND has enough structure to provide for any level of growth God wants (remember, it’s God who builds a church.)
  • you’ll have to work hard, give up your life, AND have blast!”


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