AND – The Gathered AND Scattered Church

Back in February I attended the VERGE 2010 missional community conference in Austin, Texas. While there I had the opportunity to visit the ministry and books/resource display area on several occasions.

One of the ministries that I was eager to visit was Missio. Missio is the church planter mentoring ministry of Hugh Halter and Matt Smay. Hugh and Matt are the co-founders and co-pastors of Adullam, “a congregational network of incarnational communities that are apprenticing kingdom people,” in Denver. They are also the co-authors of The Tangible Kingdom – Creating Incarnational Community and The TK Primer workbook.

While talking with the Missio representative I mentioned that I had read The Tangible Kingdom and had gone through The TK Primer. After we had discussed the books he mentioned that Hugh and Matt had written a new book by the title of AND- The Gathered AND Scattered Church. The book was to be published later that spring and he offered me a complimentary copy. (See my post on that visit and a few comments about the book here.)

Well, I did receive the book (thank you, Missio) and have finally read it. It was an excellent book and has proven to be just as encouraging and motivational as TK and The TK Primer.

I am going to write several posts about the book over the next several weeks. The posts will primarily be quotes from the book that grabbed my attention as I read the book, along with a few comments of my own.

If you are involved in missional-incarnational ministry and are looking for a great book to encourage you, or, if you are the pastor or a member of a traditional, attractional church that is asking questions about how to reach your community and develop the next generation of church leadership, you need to read AND.


(My posts on the VERGE 2010 conference can be read and viewed here, here, here, here, and here. You can also read my posts on The Tangible Kingdom and The TK Primer here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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