Pray For China

Earlier this week I started posting prayer requests for China on my Facebook page. My desire is to share basic facts, information, and prayer requests about and for China.

Because I would like for as many people as possible to learn more about China and to pray for her and her people, I am going to post these prayer requests on my tangiblethoughts blog as I write them.

Today, I am going to begin by sharing the four requests I have written thus far. Please check back regularly for prayer notes and requests as I write and post them.

Please pray that the people of the great country of China will come to know the LORD as their Savior and God through personal faith in His Son, Jesus Christ.

Day 1

Pray for China: 1.3 billion people, 495 ethno-linguistic minority groups, 21 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, 4 special municipalities. Over 1 billion unreached for Christ!

Day 2

Pray for China: Heilongjiang Province (“Black Dragon River”). Approximate population 39M (96.4% Han); Christianity – 5.79% (Protestant, 1.6-2.6%). Major industries: farming, forestry, mining, energy-related.

“Lord, may the citizens of the ‘Black Dragon River’ province come to know You through faith in Your Son, Jesus Christ, and drink deeply from the River of the Water of Life.” (Rev, 22:1; John 4:14; 7:37).

Day 3

Pray for China: Jilin Province (“Auspicious Woods”). Approx. 27M pop. (91% Han); Christianity – 5.7% (Protestant – .7-1.5%). Major industries: forestry, auto, petro-chem.

“Father, as You have favored and covered Jilin with China’s greatest forest regions, I pray that You will show favor to the province’s people, draw them in faith to Yourself, and cover their sins in the blood of Jesus Christ.” (Psalm 85:2a; 32:1).

Day 4

Pray for China: Liaoning Province (“Distant Tranquility”). Pop. approx. 42.8M (90% Han). Christianity – 5.1% (Protestant – 1-3%). Other religions: ancestor worship, Buddhism, Shamanism, Islam.

“Lord, I pray that the people of ‘Distant Tranquility’ province who seek peace of heart through false religions and false gods will find peace with You, the One True God, in and through Your Son, Jesus Christ.” (Rom. 5:10)

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