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Dancin’ On The Train

June 30, 2010

A good friend in the East sent this hillarious video to me the other day. The song is entitled “Dancin’ On the Train.” If it’s a popular song, I don’t know it, but it is very entertaining.


I Was Hacked

June 11, 2010

Here’s a quick note:

Yesterday, my personal  email account was seriously hacked. Someone from “England” sent a bogus email with the word “Help” in the subject box to all of my contacts making an appeal for 1,500 pounds to help “me” get home from London. (Isn’t a “pound” sixteen ounces?)

The hacker also was able to delete all of my contacts, hence my effort to communicate with you by way of blog.

If you received one of the these emails, please ignore it. It was not me, I am at home and trying to do damage control.

I apologize if you received one of the these emails and it affected you or your computer in any way.