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On Church Planting: TC Quotes

May 4, 2010

Continuing with a series of complosed of quotes from Total Church by Tim Chester and Steve Timmis, here are several from the chapter “Church Planting.”


Church planting puts mission at the heart of the church and church at the heart of mission.” (p.85)

The apostolic churches were reproducing churches.” (p.91)

A vision for church growth must be a vision for church planting.” (p.94)

If past experience and tradition define what it means to be church, that will constrain church planting. Or church plants may run the risk of being clones – copies of sending churches. Unless we recognize this danger, church planting may in fact reduce missionary activity as smaller churches struggle to ape the programs of larger churches.” (p.95)

This “ape-ing ” of larger churches was rampant in the late 1980s and early ’90s when, for example, many churches were mimicking the Saddleback  “purpose-driven” model of doing “church.” Many churches and church leaders believed that implementing Saddleback’s, or Willow Creek’s,  or Lakewood’s, or whoever’s approach to ministry would guarantee ministry “success” regardless of their particular context. In the majority of situations it did not.

Far from weakening a sending church, church planting is a vital opportunity to refocus the life of the church on the gospel.” (p.96)


There is a church in our area that is about thirteen years old.  Last year this church sent out two core groups of people from the church for the start of two new churches in our “twin-city” area.

One church is focused on reaching mixed-ethnic, low-income neighborhoods in our city for Christ. Families are being impacted and people won to Christ. This church meets in a rented facility, and though only one year old, gives 30% of its undesignated income to local and foreign missions.

The second new church is comprised primarily of 20-to-40 year olds and is reaching many students who are related to Texas A&M University, the major university located in our community.

One “mother” church, two “daughter” churches. Each one reaching people for Christ that may never have been reached had not the “mother” church had the vision for the start of new churches.

Now, that’s church growth.


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