On Evangelism And Social Involvement: TC Quotes

I have been re-reading Total Church by Tim Chester and Steve Timmis but have failed to do much posting as I have read.

So, I want to take a moment and share a couple of posts of some of the quotes from different chapters of the book that have caught my attention this time through.


  … evangelism is best done out of the context of gospel community whose corporate life demonstrates the reality of the word that gave her life.” (p.58)

People need to encounter the church as a network of relationships rather than a meeting you attend or a place you enter. Mission must involve not only contact between unbelievers and individual Christians, but between unbelievers and the Christian community … so they can see Christian community in action.” (p.59)

Major events have a role to play in church life, but the bedrock of gospel ministry is low-key, ordinary, day-to-day work that often goes unseen. Most gospel ministry involves ordinary people doing ordinary things with gospel intentionality.” (p.63)

Jesus has come for outsiders … God is the God who eats with His enemies. That is the staggering nature of God’s gracious character … We can go to join the party, to accept a kingdom of grace and so associate with sinners, or we can stay outside, cling to a system of merit, and associate only with respectable people.” (pp.71,72)

 … we are failing to reach the working class with the gospel. Evangelicalism has become a largely middle-class, professional phenomenon.” (p.76)

When we look at the church throughout the world, God is choosing the weak and lowly to shame the power and wealth of the West. It seems that God’s response to the imperialism of global capitalism is to raise up a mighty church in the very places this new empire marginalizes and exploits. Let the Western church take note.” (p.84)


These quotes have been taken from Chapter 3, Evangelism, and Chapter 4, Social Involvement, of Total Church by Chester and Timmis.

 You can purchase Total Church at Westminster Books, here.

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2 Comments on “On Evangelism And Social Involvement: TC Quotes”

  1. Rob Ross Says:

    I have found some of the quotes in Total Church to relate very well to the present areas needing to be addressed by the local church.

    The quote that brought me to your site is about how “Evangelicalism has become a largely middle-class, professional phenomenon.” Churches at various points in time reached out to blue collar workers. However, it seems in order to support a church facility and its’ programs the tendency is to reach out to those that are middle class or professional.

    To me this is a major issue that the church needs to address. Lots of food for thought.

    Thanks for the post Scott.

    • tangiblethoughts Says:

      Thanks for your comments, Rob.

      Not only do churches have to reach those who can finance and pay for huge amounts of land, multi-million dollar facilities, and the ministries that minister to the middle-class, we also have to provide huge salaries and benefit packages to the professionals whose ministries too often become not much more than program management.

      Call me cynical, but I’m just saying.

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