Saturday In The Park

The local Mandarin congregation that we are associated with conducts two picnic outings each school year. One during the fall semester and the another during the spring semester. The picnics are held at local lakes in our immediate area and serve as a great outreach to unsaved and unchurched Chinese students.

The spring picnic was held this past Saturday, April 10, at Lake Bryan just outside of Bryan, Texas. My family and I attended and had a tremendous time. There was a lot of visiting, soccer, water play in the lake, kite flying, and plenty of food. You have to love the lamb-on-a-stick covered with chili power that’s served after lunch! “La!”

We met some new friends, exchanged contact emails, and discovered some students who are interested in attending the pot-luck meal and English language Bible study that we have at our home every Saturday evening.

It was a great day.

Here are some pictures from Saturday’s fun-in-the-sun.


Photos to remember you by.

A visiting “Granny” with her grandchild.

Lunch is served!

Afternoon music and preaching service.

Children, water, and sand … lots of sand!

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