It’s That Simple

In a post entitled “Ordinary Life With Gospel Intentionality”,  Tim Chester of The Crowded House in England describes three characteristics of missional life.

The characteristics are ordinary and shared life, lived out with Gospel-intentionality.

Tim says that

“The context for church, mission, community, discipleship, pastoral care, training, growth is ordinary life. Shopping, chores, meals, sports, journeys. This is how Jesus did discipleship and community: walking along the road or around a meal. See also Deuteronomy 6:4-7 and 1 Thessalonians 2:8.

It is also about doing ordinary life together – having our lives intersect. So we’re not talking about house groups or small groups. Home groups are usually a meeting. You have ‘home group night’. It’s an event. We’re talking about a community of people who share life together.

Gospel intentionality is the mentality or habit or culture in which, as you share lives, you look for opportunities to talk about Jesus, to encourage, to challenge, to pray, to praise. Without this all you are doing is ordinary life and everyone does that!”

Profound and to-the-point words of encouragement about how we as Christ-followers were meant to and should be living.

(Tim posted this on March 5, 2010, here)

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