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Jonathan Dodson is the pastor of of Austin City Life (ACL), a missional congregation in Austin, Texas. Jonathan writes a blog called Creation Project (formerly, churchplantingnovice) and is the author of Fight Clubs, a booklet about Gospel-centered discipleship.

Jonathan is on the leading edge of missional thinking and practice and I have found his blog posts to be very thought provoking.

I was going through some his archives the other day and found a couple of posts that I want to refer you to if you are interested in things missional. I plan to share these with you over the next couple of posts at tangiblethoughts.

The first post is entitled “8 Ways To Be Missional (Without Overloading Your Schedule).” It was originally written and posted by Jonathan in April 2009.

Dodson begins the post by saying that:

Missional is not an event we tack onto our already busy lives. It is our life. Mission should be the way we live, not something we add onto life: ‘As you go, make disciples….’; ‘Walk wisely towards outsiders’; ‘Let your speech always be seasoned with salt’; ‘be prepared to give a defense for your hope’. We can be missional in everyday ways without even overloading our schedules. Here are a few suggestions:”

He continues by listing and elaborating on eight ways that we as Christ-followers can live with Gospel-intentionality every day, every where we go, in every thing we do. 

The eight ways are:

  1. Eat with Non-Christians.
  2. Walk, Don’t Drive
  3. Be a Regular
  4. Hobby with Non-Christians
  5. Talk to Your Co-workers
  6. Volunteer with Non-Profits
  7. Participate in City Events
  8. Serve Your Neighbors

The eight suggestions to being more missional are profound, yet so simple, aren’t they? We need to think about our lives, routines, and relationships at home and work and begin to look at them through the lens of Gospel-intentionally, with a view and commitment to being a Kingdom representative “as we go” about our daily lives.

You can read Dodson’s complete post here.

I have written a couple of posts about missional living. One that I’d like to share with you here is Mission: Neighborhood.

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3 Comments on “Life On Purpose”

  1. Thanks for the supportive post and for your important ministry.

  2. tangiblethoughts Says:

    You’re welcome, Jonathon. I have been told that you may be a guest of the Brazos Valley Church Planters Network later this spring. I hope to be able to attend that meeting. Blessings.

  3. Yes, I’m speaking there. Look forward to meeting you then.

    P.S. fyi, i spell it JonathAn 🙂

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