Kingdom vs. Empire

Yesterday morning I came across a post written by Brad Brisco over at the Missional Church Network blog. In it, Brad writes about an interview he had with Alan Hirsch, author of  The Forgotten Ways, back in the summer of 2008.

The topic of the interview was the missional mind-set and the state of discipleship in existing, traditional churches in the West. That would include the United States. 

 In the concluding paragraph of the post Brad writes that …

” … a topic surrounding most of the conversation over the two days was recognizing that the lowest common denominator in all of the missional-incarnational practices is discipleship and the difficulty of discipling people in the midst of a consumerist culture. The story of the middle class in America is one of safety, security, comfort and convenience. In other words, American Christians have overwhelmingly chosen the story of the American way rather than the way of Jesus. Hirsch refers to this as living the story of the Kingdom as opposed to the story of the Empire.”

Pretty indicting, eh?

I heard Alan speak several times at the Verge 2010 conference in Austin last week. His presentations, both in person and on video, were convicting, insightful, and prophetic.

I do remember him talking about the consumerist sin of the Western, Christian middle class during the course of the conference.

Before I left Verge I purchased his book, The Forgotten Ways. I’ve only been able to read about 50 pages of the book thus far, but have already been struck by several statements that resonant with me. I am looking forward to reading the book and suspect that I’ll try to read more of Alan wherever I can find him.

Read Brad’s post here.

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