Missional Communities Per Soma

The Verge 2010 conference in Austin last week was a great meeting – tremendous worship, passionate teachers, informative break-outs, and much encouragement and inspiration for ministry at home. There was ample time each day to meet and visit with new friends who share a common heart for the Lord, His Kingdom, and reaching people for Christ through missional ministry and Gospel-centered missional communities.

The break-out session on Gospel-centered missional communities that I attended, led by Jeff Vanderstelt and Caesar Kalinowski from Soma Communities in Tacoma, was excellent. As Jeff and Caesar shared about the ministry of Soma, they talked about what a missional community is. It is …

“one that lives out the mission of God in a specific area, among a particular people group … serving its community, making disciples.”

They also shared five things that a missional community is not. It is not primarily a:

  1. Small group
  2. Bible study – there is no such thing as Bible study without mission
  3. Support group
  4. Social activist group
  5. Weekly meeting

Soma’ s “official” definition of a missional community, as found on their website is:

“A Missional Community consists of a committed core of believers (Family) who live out the mission of God together (Missionaries) in a specific are or to a particular people group by demonstrating the Gospel in tangible forms (Servants) and declaring the Gospel to others – both those who believe it and those who are being exposed to it (Learners).”

Soma Communities is made up of approximately 42 missional communities in the Tacoma area that gather as six congregations, or “expressions”, across the city.

The Lord used this break-out session to increase my desire for involvement in ministry that is more Gospel-centered and missional community-oriented.


I would encourage you to check out Soma Communities and their ministry by visiting them at their website.

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