Why Plant Churches?

Having a church planting background, and believing that we must start new churches in order to reach people for Christ and fulfill the Great Commission, I was encouraged by the sermon that John Piper delivered this past Sunday, January 31, at Bethlehem Baptist Church.

In the sermon, “I Will Build My Church”, Piper addresses and answers the question, “Why plant churches?”.

Among the many reasons that new churches must be started, Piper mentioned four:

  1. There are about 200 million non-churched people in America, making America one of the four largest “unchurched” nations in the world.
  2. Each year about 3,500 churches close their doors permanently.
  3. Today, of the approximately 350,000 churches in America, four out of five are either plateaued or declining.
  4. One American denomination recently found that 80% of its converts came to Christ in churches less than two years old.

When I read sermons or articles on church planting, I remember the old adage that we used to use when I served as a Minister of Missions in the Houston area and church planter in Montana in the ’80’s and ’90’s: “New churches reach new people for Christ that established churches may never reach.”

Piper’s fourth point above testifies to that fact.

There are many people in my community and yours who do not know Christ as their personal Savior and Lord … who do not attend or participate in a local body of believers … who, if they were to die today, would spend an eternity in Hell, separated from our gracious and loving God.

How can we reach these friends and neighbors for Christ?

Share Him, make disciples, and start new churches.

Read John Piper’s sermon here.

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