International Student Ministry History In Pics

I have just gone through some pictures that have been taken at some of our international student ministry events over the years.

Looking at the pictures has stirred warm memories of the men and women in the pictures. Some of the folks were already Christ-followers when we met them. Others became Christians and were baptized as the Lord drew them to faith by the Holy Spirit as they participated in Bible studies, asked questions over tea, and joined us for special events. There are some that we have known and worked with who still do not know Christ as their personal Savior and Lord.

I have also remembered and reflected on how the Lord drew us into international student ministry. In the summer of 1997 we conducted a simple Backyard Bible Club in our neighborhood that opened the doors of relationship with a number of international student families. There was the God-ordained encounter with a young Korean PhD student and his family in a doctor’s waiting room. This family, who were believers when we met, became very active in a local Korean congregation and were used of the Lord to connect us in ministry with the church. This man and I became “co-workers” with one another in ministry to students. We stay in regular contact even though he and his family are now back in Korea.

There are so many stories that I could share with you about the men and women and families we have been blessed to know and minister with and to over the years … about the Lord’s activity in and through and His provision for our ministry. I am sure that I will share more about our friends, ministries and experiences as this blog progresses and develops.

I do want to say now, though, that our involvement with international students and this ministry has truly been, and continues to be, what Henry Blackaby refers to as an “experiencing God” ministry. He deserves all of the credit and glory.

Below are some pictures from our ministry with international students and others.



Backyard Bible Club (Spring 1997) – Our first international student ministry. Conducted in our yard in the “North Gate” area immediately north of the TAMU campus. The “North Gate” is a business and residential area densely populated by international students.

Our first English language Bible study group (Fall 1997) – This study was comprised of Korean students. The study met in our home. The man on the left is the friend mentioned in the post above. (One of the men in the study took this picture.)

One of many International Bible Fellowship field trips to Houston markets and parks (Fall 1998)

A gathering of IBF friends (Spring 2002) – One of the young women and one of the young men in this picture met while serving in IBF’s childrens’ ministry. They later fell in love, married, had children, and are now serving the Lord in a foreign nation.

 A Chinese Bible Fellowship picnic (October 2002) – This home-based Bible group started in January of 2002 with eight people in attendance. The group met consistently on Friday nights for 2 1/2 years, grew to an average attndance of 24 and saw several accept Christ as Savior and baptized.

A&M Korean Student Church (May 2005) – This is a wonderful congregation that has a tremendous heart for evangelism and missions.

An evening meal with friends in our home (June 2008) – These four students were participants in a week-night Bible study that met on campus for about two years.

Ice Cream and Converstion (August 2009) – Four of these students have recently enrolled at TAMU. We met the evening of the first day of classes to talk about our first day at school and discuss new English words and phrases.

Kolache Festival (Fall 2009) – A cross-cultural field-trip to a Czech festival in nearby Caldwell, Texas. Food, crafts, music, and Czech culture.


Pot-luck Meal (October 2009) – Old and new friends, and a wife from Germany visiting her husband.

(Originally written and posted on taethnenetwork, September 10, 2009.)

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