CPM Principles For North America

Last night I was going through some files of church planting-related papers and articles that I have collected over the years and found an article that I was excited to read again.

The article is entitled “Lessons on Evangelism for North America Church Planting.” I first read it in 2005 when I found it on the Church Planting Village website of the North American Mission Board (SBC).

The author of the article, a missions professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary by the name of Dr. Morgan, writes about three particular principles and lessons found in CPMs that are occurring around the world that he believes “can be especially useful in establishing an evangelistically effective church plant” in North America.

The three principles are:

  1. Immediate Redeployment of Converts in Evangelism
  2. Obedience-Based Evangelism
  3. Discipling New Believers in Groups of New Believers

Under the “Immediate Deployment” heading, Dr. Morgan makes a reference to the T4T (Training for Trainers) “system” of training new believers how to share the Gospel with their networks and organic (natural) connections. I was interested to see the reference to T4T, something I had forgotten was included in the article, because I have recently been exposed to the  T4T material and am currently working my way through it and the accompanying facilitator training material.

While we know that CPMs are the result of the activity of the Lord of the Harvest, these three principles can, and should, be intentionally integrated into the ministries of established and new church ministries. If we do so, I believe that we would discover that our churches are more effective in their making of disciples, the spreading of the Gospel, and the starting of new churches that penetrate and saturate our communities and world for the cause of Christ.

Read the “Lessons on Evangelism for North America Church Planting” article here.


“CPM Principles For North America” was orignially written and posted on the taethnenetwork blog, November 27, 2009.

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