Quotes From The Bridges of God

In my recent post on The Bridges of God by Donald McGavran, I promised that I would share with you a number of quotes that caught my attention as I was reading through the book. As you read the quotes below, please remember that The Bridges of God was published in 1955.

The quotes pertain to church planting and church multiplication.  I share them because I have been involved in the start of traditional, program-based design churches but am now increasingly interested in and convinced about the importance of starting rapidly multiplying churches that result in Church Planting Movements.

My prayer is that the reading of my earlier post on The Bridges of God, along with this post, will whet your appetite to learn more about what the Lord is doing around the world through CPMs, and what He might desire to do in and through you in the ministry of church planting.


If there are ways to make disciples of panta ta ethne – all nations – without People Movements, it would be interesting to hear about them.” (p.99)

The missionary enterprise is using a strategy of an era now closing. It should switch to the strategy of the era now beginning. It has depended heavily on the mission work. It should depend heavily on multiplying congregations in new peoples.” (p.106)

Rapid discipling of entire tribes should be accompanied by an even more rapid production of an indigenous, self-supporting ministry.” (p.113)

Nothing could be better for missions than a bold strategy of actively supporting reproductive churches.” (p.135)

Missions would function with new life if their aims were radically pruned and they rededicated themselves to the business of planting self-propagating churches.” (p.135)

Evangelization which takes no account of this complex social structure and simply invites all ‘Americans’ to become Christians in existing congregations and denominations is chained to slow growth. Only an evangelization which sees the mosaic and encourages the myriad individuals who make it up to become followers of Christ in their normal social relationship has any chance of liberating multitudes.” (p.159)

And, in conclusion,

… the essential task of Christian Missions (is) the discipling of ethnos after ethnos till the Great Commission has been carried out.” (p.171)


Note: This article was originally written and posted on taethnenetwork, Novemeber 12, 2009.

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