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Steering Group’s Report

December 31, 2009

The Global House Church Movement Summit’s Steering Group has produced a 14-page summary report of the meeting that I think you will enjoy reading if you are interested in organic, simple churches and house church movements.

The report includes: 

  1. Notes on keynote sessions that addressed topics such as Global Trends, Reaching the Unreached, and Involving the Whole Family in ministry
  2. Country reports
  3. Highlights of the Summit
  4. Benefits of the gathering

The paper also includes a contact email if you would like to receive “full collected papers and reports” of the Summit. I have requested the material and am looking forward to receiving, reading and praying through them.

You can read the Steering Group’s Report here.


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“Unstoppable House Church Movement”

December 31, 2009

The Global House Church Movement Summit was recently conducted in New Delhi, India. 200 people from 40 nations met to report on, discuss, and pray about the Lord’s activity in the world today in and through the global house church movement.

Joel News has provided us with a concise report on the three-day Summit. You can find it here.

On this same page you will also find a short article on “eight streams” of house church by Wolfgang Simson.

A Good Friend

December 9, 2009

Who’s a good friend?

He’s the guy that you can call at 9:30pm and ask to call a tow truck for you when your van breaks down on the side of the street. He’s the friend who will call you back 30 minutes later to make sure that the wrecker has come and towed your vehicle to the repair shop where it will wait for the next day’s repair. He’s the guy who drives into town from the country at 11:15pm and brings one of his cars to you so that you’ll have transportation for your family the next morning.

Thanks Clay!

“Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”

Jesus (John 15:13)

Mentoring and Multiplication

December 3, 2009

Neal Cole wrote a very insightful paper, “A Fresh Perspective Of Paul’s Missionary Strategies: The Mentoring for Multiplication Model”, on the mentoring and multiplication of ministry leadership. Cole uses the missionary journeys of Paul to show us how the Apostle’s strategy for the raising up and multiplication of leaders matured with each missionary endeavor.

Read my post on this paper, here. Then, read the paper itself by following the link at the end of the post.