The Harvest Is Plentiful

The Harvest is Plentiful

I recently read an article about Church Planting Movements in East Asia. The article is entitled “An Emerging Urban Network”.

The article is the report of an assessment that was done on a CPM that was happening in a major East Asian urban area. After the assessment had been presented, that author listed several concepts that he considers to be transferable to other geographic areas and contexts.

One concept pertains to evangelism and speaks to the CPM characteristic of abundant evangelism. The concept is expressed as an equation that I thought was neat.

“A changed life + a three-minute personal testimony + an invitation to receive Christ as Savior = a great harvest”

If I have accepted Christ as Savior, my life has been radically changed.

If I have been changed, I have a story to tell: what my life was like before I knew Christ as Savior and Lord, how I came to know Him as Savior and Lord, and how my life has been changed and impacted by Christ since I became a Christian.

The question is: Am I sharing my testimony and my Savior with other people on a daily basis?

Jesus said that the spiritual harvest was plentiful. He prayed that His Father would send laborers into the fields that are ripe unto harvest.

Let’s obey His command to “Go and make disciples of the nations”, share the Gospel and our testimonies on a daily basis, and be used of the Lord to bring a “great harvest” into His Kingdom.

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