Another Way To Look At CPMs

I was cleaning off my desk the other day (a formidable task) and found a note that I made some time again when reading ab0ut church planting movements. There are no references to the book or article that I was reading so I can’t give the reference or credit to the author.

The note lists seven characteristics of CPMs. They are similar to CPM characteristics reported by David Garrison in his book but are stated just a little differently. Repetition, and stating the same thing in a different way, helps me learn. So I thought I would share these characteristics with you.

The characteristics of CPMs recorded in my note are :

  1. Prayer for God’s strategy
  2. Look for where God is at work
  3. Evangelize every person
  4. Disciple all believers
  5. Start and grow indigenous churches
  6. Equip leaders to minister
  7. Send out missionaries

The note continues by describing CPMs as being biblical, contextual and reproducible movements of God.

I end this post with the same thought that I ended an earlier post on church planting movements: If we are truly committed to reaching people for Christ and saturating our communities with Authentic Faith Communities, we must begin implementing the essentials of CPMs that we find around the world.

Some may ask, “Do you really think CPMs as described in Garrison’s book or the article referenced above can occur in the United States or any other Western nation?”

My answer: “Absolutely!”

Look for where the Lord is at work around you, in your community, and join Him there. Pray that He will involve you in a work that only He can make happen and that only He can get credit for.

We must ask ourselves, “How many people will I share the Gospel with today?”

Disciple new believers to look to the Word of God as their authority for life and ministry.

Intentionally start reproducing churches.

Initiate small fellowships that will meet in natural settings.

Equip and release unpaid professionals to serve and lead in ministry.

Remember that the resources are in the harvest.

Obedience is “success”.

Give God all the glory.

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