The West-Mod Triumvirate

Western society, especially in the United States, can be characterized in large measure by three approaches or attitudes toward life, living and relationships:

  • individualism – “every man for himself”, “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps”
  • consumersim – “what can you do for me?”, “what’s in this for me?”
  • materialism – “get all you can and can all you get”, possessions = success

The way we live our lives as Christians and pursue the missional life and incarnational community are also affected by these approaches to life. They influence the way we relate to people, our attitudes about church and what church is to “be” or “do”, and what we do with our possessions and money.

Halter and Smay, in their book The Tangible Kingdom (pp.147-155), address these issues and offer a simple statement as to how we, as Christ-followers, can live so as to tear down these “walls” that hinder missional-incarnational living.

The more we do “together,” the less individualistic we”ll be. The more we become “one” with Christ, the less consumer oriented we’ll be. The more we do for “others,” the less materialistic we’ll be.” (p.154)

In other words, we need to open ourselves more to others and community, focus more on becoming more like Christ, and be more giving of what the Lord has made us stewards of.

I can take a look at my life and see how each of these attitudes affects my life as a believer and church member. The affects are not always positive. But I do desire to be much more open with my life – in one-on-one relationships and in community, to be more Christ-like in all areas of my life, and to be much more benevolent and giving of what the Lord has entrusted to me for service in His kingdom.

As a citizen in a Western-Modern context, individualism-consumerism-materialism are ingrained in my life. To make the shift in each of the three areas will “go against the grain” in my life, but it is a shift that is necessary if I am going to live a more missional and incarnational life.

On my own this will be impossible. But, with God, all things are possible.


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