Missional Renaissance by Reggie McNeal

I have just started reading Missional Renaissance by Reggie McNeal. I believe this is going to be Missional Renaissancean excellent follow-up read to his Present Future: Six Tough Questions For The Church.

What I would like to do is post quotes and comments as I read through the book. I am only half-way through the fist chapter and I am already stoked.

So, let me begin with a few things from the Introduction.

McNeal says that missional is “a way of living, not an affiliation or activity” that “goes to the very heart of what the church is, not just what it does.” To live missionally means to see “all (of) life as a way to be engaged with the mission of God in the world.”

Missional, as defined by McNeal, makes such a sharp break from the prevailing notions of church that it is impossible for us to think of church in the terms that we used to, as something that we “went to” or “participated in”, “joined” or “attended.”

It is suggested that if the institutional church is going to go missional, we will need to make three shifts in our thinking and behavior.

The shifts are:

  1. From internal to external in terms of ministry focus
  2. From program development to people development in terms of core activity
  3. From church-based to kingdom-based in terms of leadership agenda.

The content of the book is built on and expands on these three premises.

As Reggie closes the Introduction, he makes this statement about the shifts:

They point you into a new world. They will move you from doing church as primarily a refuge, conservator, and institutional activity in a post-Christian culture to being a risky, missionary, organic force in the increasingly pre-Christian world in North America.”


I am really looking forward to reading Missional Renaissance. I believe that it will provide us with guidelines and encouragement for making the critical shifts in our thoughts and behavior that are necessary for making Kingdom impact in today’s “pre-Christian” America.

Ready? Shift.

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