Is This The Beginning Of Something?

Missional CommunityA couple of years ago, one of my daughters started baby-sitting for a young family who are members of the same church that we are. They’re a nice couple, three kids, one on the way. I have had a number of opportunities to talk with the husband as I have dropped my daughter off and picked her up at their house on baby-sitting nights.

One of the things that I have learned about the young couple is that they have a strong desire to be involved in a small group of believers and God-seekers who are on mission in their community. In fact, they are very interested in the concept of organic (house) church.

About three weeks ago I asked the young man if he’d be interested in getting together to talk about and pray over the idea of coming together as a “missional community” in our part of town. He agreed and we met this past Saturday morning. As we met, we discovered that we have similar thoughts, passions and dreams for “church”, community and ministry. During our visit, the young husband also asked me to be his mentor as a believer, husband and father.

So, we agreed to meet weekly for accountabilty, visioning and prayer. We also thought that it would be good for our families to do a couple of things together this summer – suppers, movie nights, mall outings – for relationship building and just hanging out. In the fall we’ll start meeting together as a community group. 

I met with the young man this morning. We talked a little about computers and the week and then we shared a couple of things about ourselves that most people, other than our wives, don’t know. We shared personal prayer requests and prayed, not only for one another, but also for a couple of friends who need to know Christ.

We are going to read the Gospel of Matthew this week. My desire for the reading is that we will find in the life and ministry of Jesus, in His relationship to people, truths and insights for application in the relationships that we have with people in our neighborhoods and networks. We’ll share those thoughts when we get together next week.

Our prayer as we go through the summer is that the Lord will add others to our small group who share the same passion and desires for community and ministry that we have.  We are also praying that  He will unite us in heart and vision for the tangible outworking of the Kingdom in our neighborhoods and town.

Please pray for us as we embark on this journey.

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