Bi-Lingual Hispanic Ministry

I want to share a prayer request with you.

Tomorrow, I begin an interim pastorate at a small church in our community. I do interim pastorates on a fairly regular basis, but this one will be different. It is with a bi-lingual Hispanic congregation.

I have committed myself to work with the church through the course of the summer and into the fall for a short period of time if that becomes necessary.

My interim responsibilities will be preaching on Sunday mornings, facilitating a small group Bible study-discussion time on Wednesday evenings, visitation, and pastoral care (hospital visitations, weddings, etc.) as necessary.

I have two ministry objectives for the summer. The first is to help the church conduct some neighborhood cultivative-outreach activities. The church, which is about 35 years old, has approximately twelve adults and four children and sits on the edge of an ethnically-mixed working class neighborhood. As many as 65 people have been a part of the church in the past.

The second objective is to enlist and utilize the ministry of a Hispanic church consultant. A consultant is needed  to help the church pray and think through some important decisions they need to make regarding their current and future ministries. My prayer is that the consultant that we are enlisting will eventually assume the interim pastorate responsibilities of the church. I believe that the church needs a pastor who is indigenous to the congregation and the majority of the neighborhood.

My prayer requests are for:

  1. God’s wisdom as I serve a Hispanic congregation
  2. For the church’s understanding of the Lord’s will and leadership for ministry now and into the future
  3. God’s provision of a Hispanic pastor
  4. My family. They will be joining me at the church on Sunday mornings.
  5. Relationship with and salvation of neighborhood families
  6. This summer’s cultivative-outreach activities and ministries
  7. God’s glory

Thanks for your prayers.

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