The World In My Town

The Lord has providentially brought the “nations” to the universities and colleges of the United States and the “western” world. To pursue their degrees, yes. But, also to hear the Good News of God’s salvation in Christ, to be discipled and equipped for ministry so that they might be used of the Lord to reach their people groups and networks for Christ.

There were 623,805 international students enrolled in US educational institutions during the 2007/2008 school year (see previous post). The number of internationals in the country is far higher when we factor in spouses, children, visiting parents, and high-school exchange students in our area public schools. We would be amazed at the numbers if we were able to tally them.

I am involved in a home-based ministry to international students enrolled at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. While we have had the opportunity to know and minister to students from a number of different countries, we have related primarily to students from Mainland China and South Korea. (More about our ministry in future posts.)

Here is some information, for your interest, about Texas A&M University:

  • Texas A&M is the seventh largest university in the United States, in terms of student enrollment at its main campus, with 44,720 enrolled in the Spring 2009 semester
  • The Fall 2008 international student enrollment figure was 4,484
  • 3,596 of the international students were graduate students (Note: nearly 1/2 of all graduate students at A&M are international students.)
  • 129 countries of the world were represented in the international student enrollment figures in the Fall of 2008
  • The top six countries represented at the College Station campus are: India (1,171), China (826), South Korea (522), Mexico (284), Taiwan (219), and Turkey (80)
  • Other nations represented include: Afghanistan (3), Cambodia (1), Egypt (27), Iran (66), Japan (35), Kazakhstan (49), Malaysia (37), Nepal (36), Peru (24), Singapore (4), Togo (1), and Vietnam (35)

The Lord has laid an extremely exciting ministry opportunity at our feet, the opportunity to “disciple the nations” by reaching out to and discipling the international students enrolled at Texas A&M University and living in our’ community.

“A wide door for effective service has been opened” to us. (I Corinthians 16:9)

~ Reach Students, Disciple the Nations ~

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