The Numbers Tell The Story

In my last post I wrote about the great opportunity that Christ-followers and churches in the United States and other Western countires have to fulfill the Great Commission to disciple the “nations” by ministering to the international students that the Lord has brought to our universities and colleges to pursue their degrees and research.

The number of students who are here, that we have the opportunity to befriend, serve and share Christ with is amazing.

The Institute of International Education provides us with some exciting figures and information regarding the “nations” of the world who studied in the United States during the 2007/2008 school year (its latest figures):

Total International Students – 623,805

Top Seven Nations of Origin –

  • India – 94,563
  • China – 81,127
  • South Korea – 69,123
  • Japan – 33,974
  • Canada – 29,051
  • Taiwan – 29,001
  • Mexic0 – 14,837

Other nations in the top twenty nations included Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil, France, and Nigeria.

Academic Levels:

  • Undergraduates – 243,360
  • Graduates – 276,842
  • Non-degree – 46,836

Top Three US States With the Most International Students:

  • California – 84,800
  • New York – 69,844
  • Texas – 51,824

The University of Southern California (Los Angeles) had the highest international student enrollment with 7,189 students. The 8th university in terms of international student enrollment was the University of Texas at Austin with 5,550. The seventeenth was the university where my family and I minister, Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, with 4,094 international students enrolled.

As you can see from the above numbers, the LORD truly has brought the “nations” to us. There is no need to get a passport, shots, and pay alot of money for airplane tickets to go half-way around the world to share the Gospel with the “nations.” Just take a look at your local university or college. The “nations” are just down the street!

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