Faith Of Our Fathers

01spurgeoncalvin1I appreciate all of you who drop by tangiblethoughts for posts on Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion.

When I started reading and posting on the Institutes at the first of the year I was hoping to be able keep up with the daily reading schedule of the Reformation21 blog as well as post after each reading. After a number of weeks I realized that I just wasn’t going to be able to do it. So, I now read as I can and post sporadically on Calvin’s work. Sorry ’bout that, as “they” say.

But, if you are here for Institutes posts, I would like to refer you to a blog on the Institutes that I discovered some time ago. The blog is faith of our fathers and is written by Martyn Link.

Martyn posts on the Institutes daily. His posts are very God-honoring, thorough and insightful summaries of each day’s reading. Each summary is followed by his “Response” to Calvin’s material. I have found Martyn’s responses to be very pastoral and devotional in nature.

Let me encourage you to visit Martyn for your daily dose of Calvin. You can either click on faith of our fathers under the “Blogroll” heading in the right-hand sidebar or here to get to his blog. When you visit there, please leave Martyn a comment and tell him tangiblethoughts sent you.

Please continue to check back here for posts on the Institutes. I do intend to continue reading them and post as often as I can.

~ Blessings ~

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3 Comments on “Faith Of Our Fathers”

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  2. tangiblethoughts Says:


    Thanks for letting me know about the “rise of Calvinism” article. I appreciate it.

    Have a blessed weekend.


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