Causes Concealed, Glory Revealed

Institutes 1.16.9 – 1.17.2

As Calvin discusses “The Meaning of God’s Ways”, he says that we are often aware of God’s paternal favour, beneficence and judicial severity in the “whole course of His Providence.”  Yet, there are times when “the causes of events are concealed” from us.

When questions about events and circumstances in our lives arise, Calvin says that we must revere God’s “hidden judgements as to account his will the best of all reasons” for what is happening.

Calvin quotes the Scripture that declares that God’s “judgements are a great deep,” (Ps.36:6). He then  says that His “admirable method of governing the world, … while it lies hid from us, it is to be reverently adored.” (1.17.2)

This must be our response because He is God.

So, when questions about life and situations come, and they will, let us not become discouraged. Rather, let us trust God and know that all things are working out “according to the kind intention … and counsel of His will … to the praise of His glory.” (Ephesians 1 5,11,12).

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