The Court of Grace

I have one more of Robert Traill’s sermons on Galatians 2:21 to read. Before I move on to Sermon VI, I’d like to share a few more quotes from Sermon V with you this morning for your encouragement and edification.

The law knows no mercy. Mercy and grace belong to another court than the law: The law came by Moses: but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ, (John 1:17).”

1st, There was great need of Christ’s dying, and that upon manifold respects; I will name a few.

1. In regard of the decree of God, there was a necessity of his dying; … (John 12:2-7), … our Lord hath respect to the necessity of his dying, upon the account of the divine appointment.

2. It was necessary upon the account of the covenant between the Father and the Son: … (Heb. 10 5,7).

3. It was needful upon the account of the scriptures: and this our Lord insists on frequently … (Luke 24:44), … (Matt.26:54) ….

4. There was the necessity of Christ’s death, for the salvation of his people.”

2dly … Christ’s death was not in vain: for there was great fruit and profit by it.

1. It brought in everlasting righteousness, which should stand accepted before God: … (Dan. 9.24).

2. There was not only a righteousness brought in, but by Christ’s death there was a purchase made; a purchase of grace and glory for his people. … It did not indeed purchase the covenant of grace; for the covenant of grace sent Christ; but yet it purchased all the blessings of the covenant; for the grand condition of that covenant was, that Christ must buy all the good things contained in it by the price of his own blood.

3. Christ died not in vain, for his blood confirmed and sealed the charter: … (Matt.26.27,28) … (Heb. 9.15,20).

4. Christ’s death was not in vain, but for great profit: for thereby a way to heaven was made plain to believers, a patent way to heaven.”

And finally,

 … to make Christ’s death in vain is utterly impossible: it is so certain, so reverend a transaction of divine Providence, contrived in so much wisdom, that its end must necessarily be reached.”


” … may (I,we) be found in Him, not having a righteousness of my (our) own derived from the Law, but that which is through faith in Christ, the righteousness which comes from God on the basis of faith.”   (Philippians 3:9)

I pray that the grace of God in Jesus Christ will be your confidence and comfort as you go through your day.


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