Four Plain Answers And A Fit Lodging

There were two particular statements in Robert Traill’s fourth of six sermons on Galatians 2:21 that stood out to me this afternoon as I was reading it.

The first statement comes after Traill warns against doctrines that “perplex” and complicate the grace of God.

There are four questions, that must always be preserved plain; plainly delivered, and plainly known by all good men: – 1st, What is that righteousness by which a sinner can stand safe before God? The plain answer to it is, That it is the righteousness of Christ only. 2dly, How come we by this righteousness? The gospel answer is, By grace alone; it is given us as a free gift, we do not buy it. 3dly, How are we possessed of this righteousness? By faith alone; there is no putting on this raiment but by faith alone. 4thly, What warrant hath a man to believe on Jesus Christ? The plain gospel answer is, Only the promise of the gospel.”

Then, after telling of Noah and his family’s deliverance through the flood by means of the Ark, Traill says,

…we are told that God hath already prepared an ark, His own Son, who was hewed and framed by the justice of God, that he might be made a fit lodging for poor sinners.”


Tell it simply and tell it often: Salvation for the forgiveness of sin, eternal life, God’s righteousness, and right standing before Holy God is found only in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Robert Traill, 1642-1716, was a Scottish Presbyterian pastor, preacher and reformer.

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