What’s Your “20”?

I have just added a Cluster Map to the front page of my blog. This map will show where my visitors are from and will also count those visitors.

I’m not sure how the counter is going to work. If you look at the map now, it only shows that I have been visited 32 times, and that was supposed to have been from late October to late January. It also shows that my visitors have been from the USA.

I think I may have had a map on my blog for a short period of time, and that will account for low numbers. Putting the map on now does not go back and tally visits before I put the map on or after I took it off.

The statistic link on my blog shows that I have been visited over 1,400 times. While it does not show where my visitors have been from, I do know that several have been from England, Scotland, Mid-USA (based on comments my blog has received) and possibly even from South Korea.

I am not sure why I am even concerned about all of this.

Oh! yes I do. The Preacher sums it all up in Ecclesiastes 1:2 –

Vanity of vantities. All is vanity.”


After thought: Have you noticed all of the personal pronouns in this post?

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