Trees And Roots

Here are some thoughts for a Sunday morning about “Deeds and Creeds.”

In the Reformation we find doctrine, life, and action, nobly blended. Between these there was harmony, not antagonism. Some who have decried doctrine have set up life and dogma as antagonisms; lauding the former at the expense of the latter. This is foolishness.”

A tree must have a root.”

Christianity is both a life and a dogma; quite as much the one as the other. But it is a dogma before it is a life; it cannot be the latter till it has been the former. It is out of the dogma that the life emerges; not the dogma out of the life; and the importance that is attached in Scripture to knowledge, – – right knowledge, – – should make us cautious in disparaging doctrine, as if it were harmless when wrong, and impotent or unfruitfull when right …. “

They (the Reformers) had confidence in truth, because it was of God, and becaue it was the representative of Him who is the wisdom and the truth of God. They felt that truth could be trusted to do its own work, and to fulfill its heavenly mission among the sons of men; and so they launched it forth as seamen do the lifeboat; they spread it far and wide, as husbandmen do the precious seed, believing in its vitality, and its power to spring up and cover up the broad fields of earth with its summer green and autumn gold.”


These quotes by Horatius Bonar are taken from Catechisms of the Scottish Reformation, 1866.

Bonar, 1808-1889, was a Scottish pastor and hymn writer.

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