Calvin Quotes On The Scriptures

Institutes 1.7.3 – 1.8.1

It was an extremely full and busy day yesterday, so I did not have the opportunity to post about Wednesday’s reading of the Institutes. Today promises to be hectic as well so I am going to be brief this morning.

I am excited about the reading that we have just begun because of it’s subject – the Scriptures, God’s Written Word.

Below are some of Calvin’s words that I highlighted as I read through the material:

… to believe what we are not yet able to comprehend, that waxing stronger through faith itself, we may become able to understand what we believe – no longer men, but God himself internally strengthening and illuminating our minds.” (1.7.3)

… our faith in doctrine is not established until we have a perfect conviction that God is its author. Hence, the highest proof of Scripture is uniformly taken from the character of him whose Word it is.” (1.7.4)

… appeal to the sacred name of God, in order that the whole world may be compelled to submission.” (1.7.4)

… our conviction of the truth of Scripture must be derived from a higher source than human conjectures, judgements, or reason; namely the secret testimony of the Spirit.” (1.7.4)

… Scripture exhibits clear evidence of its being spoken by God, and, consequently, of its containing his heavenly doctrine.” (1.7.4)

Let it therefore be held as fixed, that those who are inwardly taught by the Holy Spirit acquiesce implicitly in Scripture; that Scripture carrying its own evidence along with it, deigns not to submit to proofs and arguments, but owes the full conviction with which we ought to receive it to the testimony of the Spirit. Enlightened by him, we no longer believe, either on out own judgement or that of others, that the Scriptures are from God; but, in a way superior to human judgement, feel perfectly assured – as much as if we beheld the divine image visibly impressed on it – that it came to us, by the instrumentality of men, from the very mouth of God.” (1.7.5)

… our admiration is elicited more by the dignity of the matter than by the grace of style.” (1.8.1)

For the truth is vindicated in opposition to every doubt, when, unsupported by foreign aid, it has it sole authority in itself.” (1.8.1)

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