Mission: Neighborhood

My wife and I try to take a two mile walk through our immediate and surrounding neighborhoods every couple of evenings after work. We do this for exercise purposes but it also gives us some time together apart from the busyness of the day.

As we walk we share about our day and talk about and pray for our children. We see and speak or wave to neighbors and people in their yards. We nod to others driving by in their vehicles. There are bicycles and swing sets in yards and work trucks, vans and RVs in driveways. Oh!, and one Harley, can’t forget the Harley!

We know and interact with our immediate neighbors on a daily basis and have some good ministry opportunities with them – mowing a couple of yards and taking out and bringing in garbage cans for the elderly folks – but wonder about the people and families who live further down the block and across Esther. Who are they? What are their stories? What are their needs, hurts and joys? Do they know Christ?

And the Holy Spirit provokes us to ask ourselves, ‘”How do we go about meeting and getting to know them more personally and intimately than a casual wave permits so that we can share lives and Christ with them?”

So we have prayed and decided that we have to be much more intentional and purposeful in our efforts to meet and connect with our neighbors. We have begun to pray for the families behind the closed doors as we stroll down the street, for opportunities to be able to meet and visit with mom and dad and their children. We’ve asked the Lord for “eyes to see” and “ears to hear” needs that we may be able to help meet in some way. We have invited several neighbors and one young single teacher at school to join the small group that we have at our house on Sunday evenings this semester. One has joined us thus far. We are praying that others will as well.

We have also talked about having a Saturday evening “block party” under the big oak tree in our front yard when the weather starts to get a little cooler. We pray that it will be a time for people to gather, snack, meet new friends and strengthen neighborhood connections. Out of this casual, non-threatening activity we trust that the Lord will give us genuine relationship with our neighbors and opportunities to serve them in the Name of Christ, to bring the Kingdom of God to our neighborhood in tangible ways.

Neighborhood … Neighbors … Ministry

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