Missional Book List

This is a list of missional books that I have put on my “To Be Read” list. I became aware of and interested in them when reading their reviews on websites and blogs that I visit regularly.

  • And You Welcomed Me by Amy Oden
  • Consumed: Economics and Christian Desire  by William Cavenaugh
  • Cultivating Missional Communities by Inagrace Dietterich
  • God Who Sends – A Fresh Quest for Biblical Mission by Francis DuBose
  • Organic Community – Creating a Place Where People Naturtally Connect by Joseph Meyers
  • Red Letters – Living a Faith That Bleeds by Tom Davis
  • The Church Between Gospel and Culture by George Hunsberger and Craig Van Gelder (eds.)
  • The Forgotten Ways by Alan Hirsch

If you have read or know anything about these books, please leave a comment. Your input will be appreciated. Also, if there are other books or articles that pertain to church planting, missional living, or simple church that you would like to recommend or comment on, please do so.

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3 Comments on “Missional Book List”

  1. brad brisco Says:

    I have not read the first two books, but have read the other six. I would highly recommend the last two to start with. Doesn’t get much better than those two.



    I appreciate your response and suggestion about where to begin my reading of the books on the “to be read” list.

    When I clicked onto your name to learn more about you I was pleasantly surprised to see that you are the man behind the “Missional Church Network” site. I have known about the site for several months. It has become one of my favorite places to visit. I was actually encouraged to read The Forgotten Ways by perusing a number of postings that you have about it under the “Books” heading.


  2. Johnny Says:

    Hey Scott

    Forgotten Ways is really excellent. I would also suggest you look at EXILES: Living Missionally in a post-Christian Culture by Michael Frost.

    If you check my blog, and search under “Hirsch” and “Frost”, you’ll find all kinds of references to both guys.






    Thank you for the good word about The Forgotten Ways and the suggestion to add The Exiles by Michael Frost to my list. I do have The Shape of Things To Come – Innovation and Mission For The 21st Century Church by Frost and Hirsch.

    I will definitely visit you on your blog and check out your references to Hirsch and Frost.


  3. Nicole Says:

    Hi Scott, This is Nicole, Tom Davis’ assistant here at Children’s HopeChest. I have read “Red Letters – Living a Faith that Bleeds” and highly recommend it! : ) I went to Africa a year and a half ago with my family and read the book upon returning. It cuts straight to the truth. Please let me know what you think of it when you are finished. How did you come by the book? Many Blessings, Nicole nirwin@hopechest.org



    Thank you for the recommendation of “Red Letters.” I really look forward to reading it because of the call to radical obedience to Christ that I believe the book addresses. A friend who is a PhD student in philosophy asked me just this afternoon, “If we truly understand what it means to be a Christ-follower, and what He expects of us, would we so casually put on our ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ bracelets?”

    I became aware of the book as I was surfing blogs some time ago. The title and synopsis attracted my interest and I decided I wanted to read it. I am very concerned about ministry to the poor, disadvantaged and marginalized and I think that is a major part of what Tom speaks to in the book.

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