Crowded House Values

In follow-up to my recent post on the book, Total Church, by Chester and Timmis, I want to share the ministry values that all churches in The Crowded House network hold in common. I believe that the values are the outworking of the three ministry principles presented in Total Church – to be gospel-centered, to be mission-centered, and to be community centered.

The Crowded House defines itself as

a family of church planting networks. Our congregations are committed to working together within, and between, networks around the following shared aspirations. They are a statement of our distinctives and are not intended to be a judgment on those with gospel commitment who do things differently.”

The Crowded House values express the desires that I, a “church dreamer,”  have for involvement in an authentic faith community.

The ten values are:

1. The Priority of the Gospel

2. Mission Through Community

3. Home as the Primary Location of Church

4. Sharing our Lives as Extended Family

5. Inclusive Communities

6. Working for City Renewal

7. Growing by Starting Churches and Church Planting Networks

8. Prayer as a Missionary Activity

9. Everyone Exercising Gospel Ministry

10. Shaped by the Bible Story

You can find and read the full expression of each value on The Crowded House website at

I would also like to direct your attention to the website. On this site you will find information about a Total Church Conference that is scheduled for August 12-14 in San Diego. On the site you will find session titles, descriptions, and speakers. It looks like a very exciting conference. Hurry up and register, there aren’t many openings left.

If you share a heart beat for the kind of ministry described in the Total Church or in the ten values of The Crowded House, I would enjoy hearing from you, especially if you are located in or close to Houston, Texas.

(“Church dreamer,” The Tangible Kingdom, Halter and Smay, p.xix)

(Originally posted on the internationalbilefellowship blog, August 6, 2008.)

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